All Rocky Mountain Prestain warranties apply to the application of the painting product. Rocky Mountain Prestain warranties shall only pertain to the individual who purchased the building-product for their own use. Warranties are not transferable. Rocky Mountain Prestain warranties are subject to and are provided only on the terms and conditions as set out in the warranty published on this site. Paint manufacturer warranties, such as PPG or Sherwin Williams specific product warranties, are administered at their discretion and review.

Rocky Mountain Prestain application warranty:
If, during the Warranty Period, all or a portion of the finish is determined by Rocky Mountain Prestain (in its sole discretion) to have a warrantable defect, Rocky Mountain Prestain shall:

1. Prior to installation, replace the affected product. If product coating is found unsatisfactory for any reason prior to installation, the affected product MUST NOT be installed. RMP will have NO replacement warranty responsibility for products with visible coating defects which are installed.

2. During the first year following installation, RMP will supply coating and reimburse the home owner for reasonable labor costs required to repair the affected portion of the coating defect.

3. During the 2nd year following installation through the end of the 5th year following installation, RMP will supply the coating for the affected area, and reimburse the home owner for a portion of their reasonable labor costs according to the following schedule:

On the first day of the 2nd year to the first day of the subsequent year, 80% of reasonable labor costs will be reimbursed. The labor cost reimbursement percentage shall be reduced by 20% in each successive year such that after the 5th year, RMP will have no further obligation to reimburse the home owner for any labor costs.