Flat Line Finishing

This new and innovative factory finishing technology brings RMP to the front the lines of the production-painting marketplace. Spray-applied coatings provide a consistent and uniform painting application at a speed not yet seen before. We are now able to accommodate projects of scope, while still being able to offer the custom painting service our company was built upon. Our state of the art finishing line is bookended with a sanding machine and an oven to further aid in expediting our services. The addition of this finishing method to RMP has opened the doors for us to compete on the manufactured siding stage with all the well known brands (Hardie, Allura and LP).

Flood Coating

Flood coating may seem like ancient technology, but this tried-and-true methodology of prestaining has been in existence for greater than 30 years. Our 3rd generation, hand-built, prestaining machines are designed to coat all 6 sides of your building materials. This is a tremendous advantage over traditional on-site painting as we can provide the back-seal necessary to ensure the longevity of your investment. Accompanied by an oven to bake on our factory coatings, this finishing option has painted or stained over ten-thousand Colorado homes and buildings.

Contained Environment Finishing

Our large-scale enclosed spray booths are meant for handling all of your miscellaneous painting needs. Each booth is attended by a prefinisher who is trained to apply chemical coatings on materials which are too large for our automated process. This includes structural timbers, sheet goods, paneling, doors, table tops, stairway systems- its truly endless. Our network of spray booths allows us to apply coatings to nearly any material, including wood, metal, vinyl, and fiberglass.